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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

back to work

I've started to like my blogging. It has served its purpose and more. I'm moving back into my office, and playing my dissertation music. Today, I put some paper in the recycling! This office looks like a tornado came through and stayed for a week.

I feel like writing again. I wonder if I can get my poems up here? I'm still having a bit of pain, but it reminds me to stop, rest, reposition. I'm trying to live in harmony with it.

I wish I'd started blogging long ago, because it seems to be good for me. But I did try once a year for a long time, and it never took until now.

I'm such a geek. I can't resist trying this. Here is a link to today's dissertation music

I listen to music at my desk streamed via Rhapsody. It has a few problems sometimes but overall it's the best listening experience for me at this point. I can't think about owning music. I'm happy to rent it at this point.

I know this is Rhapsody's gimmick to get you to try their streaming music service, but how cool is this that I can share today's dissertation music with you without leaving my desk? Social networking applications strike again.

Here is the playlist. I love the whole thing, but Tubthumping keeps me going. I've been listening to this almost daily as encouragement. Today is the first time I've heard "Bankrobber." It's pretty cool:

1. Tubthumping - Chumbawamba
2. Amnesia - Chumbawamba
3. Mary, Mary - Chumbawamba
4. Drip, Drip, Drip - Chumbawamba
5. Laughter In A Time Of War - Chumbawamba
6. The Big Issue - Chumbawamba
7. Bankrobber - Chumbawamba
8. Fade Away ( I Don't Want To) - Chumbawamba
9. One By One - Chumbawamba
10. On eBay - Chumbawamba
11. Just Desserts - Chumbawamba
12. Everything You Know Is Wrong - Chumbawamba
13. Shake Baby Shake - Chumbawamba
14. The Good Ship Lifestyle - Chumbawamba
15. Outsider - Chumbawamba
16. Jesus In Vegas - Chumbawamba
17. Scapegoat - Chumbawamba
18. New York Mining Disaster - Chumbawamba
19. I Want More - Chumbawamba
20. By & By - Chumbawamba
21. Bella Ciao - Chumbawamba
22. Smith & Taylor - Chumbawamba
23. Walking Into Battle With The Lord - Chumbawamba
24. WWW.Dot - Chumbawamba
25. Pass It Along - Chumbawamba

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