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Sunday, February 04, 2007

hello world! email post

I can't resist trying out the different features available in the blog. I've studiously avoided blogs and blogging until now.

I've had a variety of different reasons to avoid it since blogging might:
  • become addicting and I plan to finish my dissertation and graduate. In my twenties, when I was a poet, I wrote at least one letter every day to the same friend, who graciously seemed to read them all for seven years. She said it was her contribution to my becoming a writer. (I wrote other things besides letters as well.)
  • expose too much of my life. What if Homeland Security is looking me up?
  • expose too much of how boring my life is. What if no one wants to read my blog? This must happen to people all the time.
There are a number of reasons why I should experiment with blogging:
  • Seven years of letters seems like fine preparation for blogging, however, I'm not sure how motivated I'll be without a specific audience or reader.
  • I've been having trouble getting back to work on my research since I had to take so much time away from the keyboard, due to dissertation shoulder. My keyboard time is limited for a while longer, and I get frustrated when my research thoughts are repeatedly interrupted. These bloglet entries are just about the right length to make me feel like I'm doing something, but not spending so much time on it that it triggers much pain.
  • It will be a an interesting challenge to "perform all my subject positions" in one blog.
  • Exploring social networking software seems like a very good thing for me to do, given my health informatics interests.
  • The hardest thing about blogging seems to be coming up with a pithy name for your blog, and get going on it. It'd be a shame to let triggXR go to waste!
  • I always feel so powerful right after I solve a tech problem, even if it's a little bitty one.
Check out the emailed post!

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