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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

photo in profile test update

I did manage to get a photo uploaded to the profile this morning. That is the last thing I'll tinker with until I've done some real work. I promise.

I uploaded the photograph from Picasa using the BlogThis button. It went right into a blog entry where I Did NOT want my profile photo. However, doing this gave the photograph a web address within the nether reaches of Google. I then cut and pasted that web address into the profile, as directed by the Picasa how-to. What the Picasa how-to didn't mention is that there are two slightly different addresses, and you want to cut and paste the one that says "src" or "source," I forgot which.

Then I deleted the post, and as promised, the post went away, but the photo remained in the profile. TADA!

This photograph is years old and will surely stump my web stalker. It was taken by fossilguy, and is from my bohemian poet years. It is my favorite photograph of myself. If you look closely, you'll see clearcreekgirls fingertips on my shoulders. I don't think she was choking me, but it's hard to remember, what with my AGE=64 brain and all.

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