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Sunday, February 04, 2007

widgets in play today

Another recent NYT incident that re-piqued my interest in blogging was the article Bling for your Blog, which introduced a number of new and interesting widgets that I wanted to test out. Even though a new blog is born every two seconds, NYT makes it sound sooooo interesting!

LibraryThing is by far my current favorite. I have secretly wanted to catalog all of the books in my personal library for as long as I can remember. There was no reasonable way for me to do the cataloging or use the catalog until now.

TADA! Check out my books on the sidebar to the right. This should really help Homeland Security keep an eye on me! I had some "duh" moments when I couldn't see the obvious of how to insert the LT widget into triggXR but I simply experimented until I got it right. This kind of tinkering makes me feel very brave. At home I'm not permitted to use the power tools or the stovetop for very good reasons.

(To add LibraryThing to your blog, cut and past the code provided by LibraryThing right into a blogger 'page element' for outside scripts.)

I set up the tags on my personal library collection on LibraryThing so that I could easily display the books that I read and the conditions under which I read them. I have never read just one book at a time. As a child, as soon as I learned to read, I had the feeling that books were changing me as I read them and I was terrified and tormented by this feeling from first through third grade. Then I had an idea for holding the books at bay. I started reading several books at one time in order to maintain control over "who I am," or "who I become." As a third grader, this seemed to be a sure fire way to protect myself. It's interesting to note that I didn't feel threatened at all by television. TV was something we did as a family when I was young, and watching TV included running commentary on what was going on between the characters, including speculation about whether or not a real person would do that, how stupid it was. There was nothing scarier than books, which I faced alone. Given that I grew up in a very violent family in a very violent southern culture, I'm shocked and awed now to realize that I thought books were the scariest thing I faced.

Another widget I've enjoyed this weekend is from Blogrolling. They have a feature that lets me make different blog rolls and add to them automagically by pushing the "Blogroll It!" button I've added to my Firefox browser.
What is a blogroll you ask? Look to the side panel at the "stuff I like" section. Blogrolling also provides you with code for each of your blogrolls, which you insert into a blogger page element.

The puppy is telling me it's time to start "bird time" which is the quality family time we have each day starting around 5pm. It's a time when I'm joined for dinner in my beloved TV room by the avian, the feline and dogine members of the family. When my better half isn't home, we sometimes eat popcorn for dinner. Do not tell the vets...

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I can't share NYT: Bling for your Blog today because it is from early in January, and I now have it in my TimeSelect account, but you might not. I'll tell you about TimeSelect and why I use it some other time. Remind me.

P.S. if you visit the widget folks, and like their apps, make a donation. These developers make far more code than they ever get paid for. We need them, and we need to keep them in caffeine and RAM.

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