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Thursday, June 26, 2008

morning is broken

I mean literally. I keep waking up at 3:23 am, wide awake. Day after day. Today I decided to get up and start working on the considerable number of tasks before me.

I tried to run my a larger data set this morning. That was a bust because the software I'm using, Oxford WordSmith has been upgraded, and I have to pay at least 50% for this major upgrade to people on the other side of the world who have no doubt left the office for the pub.

So I turn to organizing myself for a class I have decided to take this summer:
NMETH: 587 Methods of Theory Testing: Causal Modeling with Path Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling

To my ongoing surprise I have become a person who understands what this means. I just hope I don't have to hire a tutor for the statistics this time.

I love this quiet time of the day when the light is barely emerging, and the outside birds are singing, but my parrots are still sleeping. Dogs sleeping, people sleeping.

My sister is here. She has been tinkering with my network. I've dubbed her network manager. She got the color printer/fax working. And the photo printer is now networked. They both need ink. They always need ink! These machines should be given away. They are so about the ink.

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