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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

today's report

I'm totally into women's basketball this year. The Storm is 6 & 3.

I'm really digging the convertible, even though we've had some chilly days and my sweetheart has informed me that Ruby is not a sports car. Today we were colder than the Siberians who apparently share our latitude. I put the top down, turned on the buttwarmer and let the heater blast. I may not be a born Seattlite, but I've certainly naturalized.

A unicorn was born.

I found someone with almost the same name as mine in South Australia. I'm going to try and connect her to my family tree. Did I tell you I'm an amateur genealogist? I finally traced my peeps back to the American Revolution. I'm not sure I'll be joining the DAR, but it was fun to search for that stuff. I found documents with a greatx6 or 7 grandfather's name indicating a pension for his service in the Revolutionary war. Through the Magees we seem to be related to a lot of famous people sharing grandmothers in the 15th or 16th century. I was on to finding a connection to Booker T. Washington but can't nail it down yet.

My dearest lost friend has decided to come to my birthday party. I was very mean to her many years ago and have tried to make it up to her many times. I'm not to ask about her son who died.

My other dear lost friend is coming with a guest. I found her a few years ago by calling every C. in the Portland, Battleground phone books. From a phone booth outside of Battleground.

Another lost friend hasn't responded. I found her a few years ago by sending letters to every address she's had in Los Angeles in 20 years.

PennyK isn't coming. She has her residency for Goddard in Port Townsend. I keep begging her but I have to stop. She has to go to her residency.

Speaking of residencies, the AMA has lost their nut over the new Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. They are trying to pass a resolution saying that only "medical doctors, dentists---" and a few others can use the title "doctor." And they want us to be supervised by physicians. Even though study after study has shown that nurse practitioner work is comparable or better than that of a physician. As if that weren't enough, they want to control who can use the word "residency" to describe their training programs. Here in Washington we will not stand for that crap. We have a lobbyist!

Come to think of it, one of my patients told me today that I had gotten his meds "better than his real doctor ever does..." I told him that sometimes old nurses know a few things young doctors haven't heard of.

One of my coworkers is trying to adopt a baby. We haven't worked together for a while, all during the primaries. We privately and behind closed doors gossiped about how we don't think Obama can get elected. He's neck and neck with McCain. Nader has 6% in the polls which is more than the difference between Obama and McCain. The youngsters we work with do not want an Obama/Clinton ticket. But with Clinton's supporters moving over to McCain, an Obama/Clinton could kill two birds with one stone. Unite the party, and beat McCain.

On the subject of lobbyists and Obama, I read where many of Obama's top staffers are registered lobbyists. Yes, it's fox news, but I doubt they got this wrong. So much for change. He's just cagey enough to keep this out of the news his youthful followers will read.

But as soon as this election is over I'm going to work for a 3rd party. I seem to have become a Green somewhere along the way. But when I look at the green website I'm uninspired. I might have to start my own stop the insanity political party.

My little Xena has to have knee surgery. We have to send her to her Grandmother in Houston because we won't be able to keep her still for the 5-6 weeks it will take to recover.

I hired a dissertation dominatrix to stay after me to finish that last paper. I am about 10 revisions of a 30 page paper away from graduating. I want that all done by the first week of school next fall.

I've been thinking a lot about poems, and trying to find videos of poets I love on YouTube. I haven't found any Olga Broumas, Jane Miller or Jorie Graham, but I did find some Billy Collins and Julian Curry. They blew me away. I tried to sign up for Centrum but they are full. I think if I just immerse myself in good writing and readings of good writing, maybe the poems will come back.

Finally, Jon Stewart waterboarded a muppet on June 11, 2008. You'll have to search for the June 11 episode. I can't find a clip directly to it yet.

I think that wraps up the evening news.

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