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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why is Science Winning?

I wanted to say something gentle
abt believing in love & starving
for sex & chocolate,
or what it feels like, really,
to say I'm still in love with you,
please come back to me,
but all that is written
on my heart today
relates to the early
beginnings of dinosaurs
& thought experiments
involving fish,
which makes me wonder
is there something wrong
with my mind,
& will I ever pull through this
stupid experimental attitude
abt the spontaneous
of primary symbols,
the Marian apparitions
and folding icons
of ordinary saints
& contemporary angels
& madonnas
for the masses?
Or an AIDS novel
that will help people
understand and try harder
until believing,
believing in,
believing as,

a nothing seeming
to be something
flies over the pole
& stone takes
its first breath
in the coconut grove
& not between the legs.
Soon it will be a dinosaur.

It's late. I must think of a gift.

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the-neecer said...

Damn that is a good poem.

triggXR said...

Thanks the-neecer! I love digging out my poems. This one was never very popular but one of my favorites. My other poet friend, Pennykj took out the word chocolate because it's cliche and added a perior. I can't find the forumula for the science poems, but I think a cliche or two were part of the formula.

the-neecer said...

"It's late. I must think of a gift."

I WANT that formula. It's on my wish list. Lisa's science poem formula, Dear Santa.