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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

YA-TA! master's workshop here I come!

Today I got an email from the good people at Centrum who have accepted me into the master's workshop with Mark Doty! There is something to be said for uploading your crappy poems and not looking back. I got my money's worth for that PhD. If I can overcome the voice in my head that writes for science publication maybe I'll be a poet again. Or I keep the voice and make an inner choir.

I had to go over the poems to get them formatted for submission. I was amazed by how much the language and the phrasing that I used in the 90s anticipated the explosion of the information age yet to come with the internet. Now having read the postmodernists I understand my own poems better. I was doing postmodernism without knowing a thing about it except that Jane Miller had called herself a PoMo poet. I love that Jane Miller.

I always said the poems were written using a formula (which really is written down somewhere in one of my journals). What I remember about the formula is that it included found language and broken sentences, and had to somehow be glued together with a true emotions story line of some sort.

No decision about whether to update this profile, or start another one. I do have a few ideas.

Back to snow, book chapters and polishing crappy papers to submit to medical & nursing journals.

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Denise said...

This is great news. I'll have to look up Mark Doty. Have you read anything by current U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan? I don't think I much care for her poems. I might like a few however. I tried to watch Angelou vid but after trying to download it for more than an hour at an inconceivably slow dial-up speed that I endure in my neck of the woods, I gave up. I'll take lap top to work and start catching up on videos that people send to me.. Anyway, congrats on acceptance. I am not surprised. Your voice is exceptional.