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Friday, September 26, 2008

blindness--jose saramago

I spent a year reading this book blindness. It is a very difficult book and I'm pretty sure that I now own two copies because I lost the first copy for a while. I was struck by the sentences and couldn't stop reading it even though it was maddening at times. It took the full year. It was a book worth reading, but I could have waited for the movie.

poem friday--Jane Miller

check here:

The Cover of Mars
at the Poetry Foundation.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

red clay tightwad

 I took a couple of early morning walks around mom's 13.6 by the creek and found several arrowheads. that was nice. I grew up loving this land that was originally a part of my grandmother's farm.
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oak tree twu

 I went to Texas to see my folks last weekend. Mom now has cancer. She can't catch a break. I went to check out the TWU campus. It doesn't have as many trees as West University in Houston, but isn't this swell? TWU is a women's university over 100 years old with large graduate nursing program and three campus'.
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