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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Who is Sick?

Check out this terrific site. This is the first social network application I've seen that has important application outside of VANITY!!!

Who is Sick?

Amazing and wonderfully simple. Who knew when we were doing the bioterrorism detection stuff in 2000 and 2001 that soon the social networking thing would take off making this obvious? We were frantic to figure out approaches to early detection of bioterrorism when most medical offices and hospitals didn't even have a computer. Now many homes have better computers than the hospitals and clinician offices do, and web based social networking is much more robust in growth and novel development than any health IT project I can think of.

When I think of the time folks spend putting junk on MySpace. Maybe now they'll take a minute to document their symptoms. All we need to do is think of more ways to capitalize on this seemingly natural urge to social network apps...there is an idea for a health IT movement in here somewhere.

Like make some widgets to connect to this site, and get them more servers and bandwidth. I think they are going to need it.

now I can sleep at night...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007



I like to take pictures of garbage. Our garbage says so much about us. I took a picture of the roadtrip garbage. This was a banana day. We've been eating lots of bananas, apples and pears lately. Fruit is good these days. I really need to clean out the Ford.
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goodie pile


I thought this stack of ginger cookies was very interesting to look at, and no, I didn't buy any. I'm wishing I had about now.
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eris anyone

So on the way home from Skagit Valley we drove through Mt. Vernon. We stopped at the Co-op there and found where all the hippies and rainbow people went. They are all in Mt. Vernon. There was no Kombucha or blue haired clerks. They were selling Mountain Astrologer in the check out line, and I bought one. I forgot that I love astrology. I love the precision of the planetary angles joined to the vagueness of the interpretations. It has been my cure for the dangers of science-mind.

There is a new planet. There has been since 2005 and somehow I never heard. It was initially nicknamed Xena but now has been formally called Eris for the Goddess of Warfare and Strife. The moon is named Dysnomia, which means lawlessness. Frankly, I think we could have done without both of them, but they are right for the times. Eris has been in Aries since 1925. It will be interesting to figure out what that must mean.

For a funny, pick up the current issue of MA and read Orr's lighthearted article about Eris. It's good to have a sense of humor about such things.

something interesting to look at


I've been reading Photo.net in the evenings while the tv runs in the background. I like they way Greenspun talks about photography as "recording of light." He says all we have to do is take pictures of things that are interesting to look at. I especially like to take pictures of everyday objects with my phone camera or the little Pentax Optio S6.

We realized that we work too much and decided to take a road trip to Skagit Valley to see the Tulip Festival today. We took the dogs and the cameras. We saw fields of beauty too intimidating to photograph. I did feel up to this pile of baskets. As beautiful as this picture is all I can see is the tag in the middle.
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Monday, April 02, 2007

on the subject of subject positions

Remarkably, since my mother has been ill, I've been thinking about myself. Almost every day, I hear her voice calling out the comments I think she might make as I walk along in a store or drive through the neighborhood. Ok, it's every day, pretty much all day. Who knew I was such a mama's girl?

Realization of this constant presence of my mother in my mind started me thinking about my other influences--besides my mother. Did she make me what I am? Is that it, I'm Treva's girl?

What I am is a person with a busy mind. I said I would try to perform all my subject positions in this blog. Is that even possible? Am I all of these subjects now?

Besides my never-ending trip to graduate school, I have been a writing student of clearcreekgirl, a ballroom dance student of Jim Hunt, a metaphysics student of Anne de Vore, and a follower of fossilguy. I studied Religious Science first with Gregory Flood 20 years ago, and I'm still a devout Religious Scientist. I practice daily and attend the Center for Spiritual Living. I studied Emerson, Troward, Butterworth, Emmet Fox, and many others with Gregory, and probably have a unusual view of God as a result of my work with him. No Mother-Father-God for me. God will always be It to me.

I've been a lot of things along the way. I've been a fabulous lesbian poet, and took a poetry workshop with Olga Broumas. I was called upon to drive her from the airport to Fort Warden for Centrum. I recall that she was bright and especially authentic. She's the sort of person whose silent presence is especially pleasant. Perhaps that is what makes her poems so powerful. She read my poem Sleep to the whole conference on her reading day. Where is that poem? I wrote poems, a lot of them.

I've been a bedside nurse in acute psychiatry for over 20 years, in many inpatient and outpatient settings though I favor teaching hospitals. I now work as psychiatric nurse practitioner. I love this work.

I've been in graduate school for a long time. As I near completion of my dissertation research, I've been 'awakening' or perhaps 're' awakening to the world. It seems like it's changed a lot since I took on graduate school. Maybe it is me that has changed. It was Anne de Vore who told me I had to go to grad school and earn a PhD. I hope I'm not warped.

This is only the beginning of this list of subject positions. If I enact them all will I have one subject position after all? I'm really trying to test out the subject position concept on a personal level. I know I've only scratched the surface of its full meaning and signification here.

I've been told a number of times recently that I need to work less (grad school and my beloved nurse practitionering) and get some hobbies! I used to have hobbies. I'm now looking at photography and sailing lessons to get ready for summer travel.

And my other hobby is going to be to find those poems. I might still be a poet if I took some time to do some poeting.