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Thursday, October 30, 2008

poem thursday--Mina Loy

On Third Avenue
"You should have disappeared years ago"--

so disappear
on Third Avenue
to share the headless incognito

of shuffling shadow-bodies
animate with frustration

whose silence'  only potence is
preceding the eroded bronze contours
of their other aromas

through the monstrous air
of this red-lit thoroughfare.

Here and there
set afire
a feature
on their hueless overcast
of downcast countenances.

for their ornateness
Time, the contortive tailor,
on and off,
clowned with sweat-sculptured cloth
to press

upon these irreparable dummies
an eerie undress
of mummies
half unwound.


Such are the compensations of poverty,
to see---

Like an electric fungus
sprung from its own effulgence
if intercircled jewellery
reflected on the pavement,

like a reliquary sedan-chair,
out of a legend, dumped there,

before a ten-cent Cinema,

a sugar-coated box-office
enjail a goddess
aglitter, in her runt of a tower,
with ritual claustrophobia.

Such are compensations of poverty,
to see---

Transient in the dust,
the brilliancy
of a trolley
loaded with luminous busts;

lovely in anonymity
they vanish
with the mirage
of their passage.

-----from Compensations of Poverty [poems 1942-1959,]
in The Lost  Lunar Baedeker Poems (1996)
selected & edited by Roger L. Conover

Mina Loy
at poets.org
at wikipedia

Monday, October 27, 2008

wordle--paper #3

24 days lost

No, I didn't lose 24 days. I have been busy with final drafts, job apps and job interviews. I heard from my reading committee that they have accepted my last paper with a few minor changes. Now to the whole committee for the final defense. Then I'll really be Dr. T!

Otherwise sleeping well, covering vacations and having my bathroom remodeled. I have quite a few options for after graduation. I'm not complaining but it's hard to predict what I'm going to be doing even 6 months from now!

Postdoc? Fellowship? Teaching doctoral students in Texas? Something else? Hard to tell!

More to follow as it all unfolds!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

the doctor made a mistake!

Mom doesn't have cancer! Woohoo! She also can now stand at the sink for 8-12 minutes!

I'm dissertating a lot lately and don't have much time for this blog. I think I'm close to the final draft of that last paper.

I did add a player for the Performance Poetry IndieFeed. Check it out! I listen to them on my iPod when I'm going to sleep at night. Podcasting has opened up a new portal for me to reach through for surprises.

We are having our bathroom overhauled and adding a new one upstairs. When we got the sink/cabinet out to the light of the day, we couldn't believe how horrid it was and how long we just overlooked it. Now I can hardly wait to say buh bye to the pink tub.

Shopping for the stuff to go into the new bathroom. Found a like new low flow Kohler Cimmaron at the 2nd Use for 100 bucks! Some old growth 2x4s at Earthwise Salvage.